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About VNA


More and more people are considering their dogs and cats members of the family. The psychological and physiological benefits of pets for people is well documented. For many, owning an animal is transforming into enjoying responsible pet companionship. Societies worldwide are realizing the benefits of the people-pet bond. Human health care and animal health care are becoming much more integrated...

These trends are exciting for those of us involved in veterinary medicine. So, how can we add even more value in our delivery of exceptional patient and client care?

Consider the following: Health and longevity of pets are largely influenced by three factors-- genetics, environment and nutrition. Which of these do you think the veterinary profession and the veterinary health care team can influence the most?

  • Genetics: While we can correct certain genetic defects and problems, we cannot actually change a pet's genetic makeup.
  • Environment: We cannot do much for a pet's general environment, that is, we may not be influential enough to get the client to move for the pet's sake). We can though, suggest improvements to the pet's specific living conditions, (sanitation, exercise, social involvement, shelter...).
  • Nutrition: This is the one area where each of us can have substantial influence, IF we have a solid basis for our beliefs and recommendations.

So, in response to veterinary health care team members asking Hill's for such a platform, the Veterinary Nutritional Advocate was developed. The objectives include helping you to understand proper pet nutrition, to communicate your understanding of proper pet nutrition, and, as a result, to benefit from communicating your understanding of proper pet nutrition, (see "Benefits").

"Advocate" means one who pleads another's cause. As a Veterinary Nutritional Advocate, you'll be more confident and competent in being an advocate for the pet's best interest, which is beneficial to all involved. Hill's, in its leadership position within the veterinary profession is pleased to assist you in your efforts. Together, we can make the differences we are all aspiring to in the Hill's Mission Statement: To help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.