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Application: What Are Clients Feeding Our Patients?


Now that you have acquired an enhanced understanding of the importance of proper pet nutrition, it is time to "apply" your knowledge.

  • 1. Print out the worksheet at the bottom of this page from the "Print Worksheet" button. You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print this worksheet.You may also want to print this overview page by using your browser's print button.
  • 2. Fill in the requested information. While the Worksheet has space for 20 entries, (for you to make multiple copies of for future use) you'll only be required to submit information on 6 dogs and 6 cats (feline only practices, information on 12 cats). If you are not currently working in a practice, visit one nearby, and ask if you can conduct the Survey Worksheet. Offer to share this information with the practice, as well as encourage their participation in VNA.
  • 3. When you ask owners these questions, take the opportunity to apply your knowledge from Level I.
  • 4. Once you've completed the worksheet offline, return to this page via the "My Status" page and clicking on the "Application 2" link.

Click on the "Enter Data" button on this page to enter in data for the first 6 cats and 6 dogs (12 cats if feline only practice). Be sure to then answer the question: How will you apply this information and your enhanced knowledge of the importance of proper pet nutrition to help pet owners realize the benefits of Hill's products? Once you have finished answering this question, click on "Submit."

Ideally, you'd collect this information from each client but this brief exercise will at least be a starting point for you to realize what pet owners in your area are feeding, and the reasons why. You may be surprised, and will see how you can be more of an advocate for the pet's best interest! After submitting your data you will have successfully completed Level I, Congratulations! Please continue on with Level II.

Print Worksheet Enter Data