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Benefits and Expectations 


As a Hill's Veterinary Nutritional AdvocateSM, you'll enhance---

  • Patient care and practice productivity
  • The People-Pet Bond for responsible pet owners
  • The importance of proper pet nutrition and the pet's best interest
  • Skills sets, self-esteem and the potential for advancement
  • The awareness of great medicine within your community
  • Being a resource for other health care team members
  • Advanced recognition and educational opportunities through Hill's
  • Your enjoyment of veterinary medicine


VNA contains three Levels, each with ten Modules. Each Module takes about 20-30 minutes to work through, and each will have a 10 question, multiple choice quiz. You'll immediately receive your percent score. Wrong answers will identify where correct information can be found in the Module. Level Leaders will be encouraging you on after each quiz. All three Levels will have an Applications section, allowing you to apply your knowledge. The goal should not be to hurry through VNA, but rather to gain the competence and confidence, to truly be an advocate for the pet's nutritional best interest.

Upon the successful completion of all three Levels, you will be awarded the proud distinction of Hill's Veterinary Nutritional Advocate! This is a title of high merit, and carries with it the expectation that you will utilize your enhanced skills, talents and abilities to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. Enjoy your unique educational experience!