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How do I contact VNA Customer Service?

First of all, review the FAQs. Your question or issue may very well be addressed there.
If not, there are two ways to contact VNA Customer Service:

US & Canada
Phone Number: Toll-free 1-800-548-VETS (8387)

Australia & New Zealand
Email: in Australia or in New Zealand
Phone: in Australia 1-800-679-932 and in New Zealand 0800-344-557


Can I register all of my health care team through one email address (for example, the practice's)?

No. The system recognizes only one email per participant (this is their unique "user id", which is needed every time they log on to VNA, along with their six-digit password). If the user does not have a unique email address through the practice, they can use their personal (home) email address, or could sign up for a free email account service such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

What if a participant does not remember his or her password?

On the Sign In page, there is a line: Have you lost your password? If this is clicked on, the system will email the participant a new password to use. After receiving that password, the user may go to their My Status page and change the password they received to something more easily remembered.

Can I add my practice's Hill's Account Number at a later time?

Not at the present time, but VNA Customer Service will be able to. Contact them at, or phone 1-877-883-5251

Who are valid VNA participants in the registration process?

Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Student, Veterinary Technician Student, Office Manager/Other Health Care Team Member, Academician.

How do I change the email address I registered under?

After you sign in, click on the link, "My Profile." Change your email address there then Save by clicking the button, "Edit and Update User Information."

I now work in a different practice than is in my profile. Should I re-register?

Please do not re-register but edit your profile by clicking on the link "My Profile" after you sign in.

I can't find my school listed in the drop down list. Can it be added?

Click on "Add a School." An email will be sent to add the school. Please enter your information on your school as "other."


Is there an off-line version of VNA, for people who don't always have easy internet access?

No, but the participant can print entire Modules to work on off-line, only having to come back on-line to take the quizzes and submit information in the Applications sections. NOTE: Since the quizzes are randomized from a number of questions, one cannot print a quiz, then go back on-line and take the same quiz that was printed out previously.

I took a Hill's educational program in the past. Is VNA the same thing?

No! VNA is current and has been developed to be much more "actionable," helping the participant in understanding, communicating and benefiting from their designation as a Veterinary Nutritional Advocate.

Can veterinary health care team members participate in VNA if they are not in North America?

Yes, but the Level II Application involves contacting the Hill's Veterinary Consultation Service. If the participant cannot access VCS by phone, they may email them at to do a short "consult" by email, and then submit verification information received by VCS to continue on with Level III.

How do I know that I have successfully completed a Level?

Each of the three Levels has an brief Application to complete; (Level I: What Are Our Clients Feeding? Level II: A short Consult with the Hill's® Veterinary Consultation Service, Level III: A Goal Plan). After the Application has been correctly submitted, the participant will receive an email confirming the completion of that Level.


I have registered without a Sponsor, but now I do have someone I would like as my Sponsor. Can I add this person to my profile?

Not to your profile, but you can have this designated "Sponsor" register and add your email to their "My Status" page where it reads: "Sponsor an Advocate. This is where participants can sponsor others within Veterinary Nutritional Advocate."

How can a Sponsor see my progress?

The Sponsor needs to register and take (at least) Module I in order for them to see the "My Status" page, and before they can see the link, "Sponsor an Advocate." Your Sponsor will receive a status report each time you complete a Module. Sponsors are welcome to participate in the entire VNA.


Can veterinarians and technicians receive continuing education credits for participating in VNA?

Upon successful completion of VNA, participants will be awarded a certificate signifying that VNA meets the requirements for 15 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize NZVNA approval; however participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery of continuing education.


Can I just access the quiz in a Module?

No. VNA has been designed so the participant needs to view the screens, using the "next" button.

My quiz questions were different than another person's in the practice. Why?

Each Module has multiple questions in the system. When you click on Take Quiz Now, you receive ten random questions in random order. No two quizzes are alike. Note: If the participant prints out a quiz (to work on off-line, signs out, then sign on later to answer the quiz on-line, the same quiz will NOT appear. However, the participant can print the entire Module ahead of time, to use as an "open book" reference while taking the quiz.


I am not able to submit Application I. Why is it showing the same page each time?

Before you submit Application I, be sure that all of the drop down fields have been selected and filled. If any of the fields have not been filled, a red exclamation ("!") is displayed to the left of the field.

Why am I not able to submit Application III?

Possibly because of the way the date was filled in. The start and end dates need to be in the format "mm/dd/yyyy" only. Month and day have two digits and the year four. Single digits need to be preceded with a "0".