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For questions regarding VNA you may utilize the following resources:


US & Canada:

Phone Number: Toll-free 1-877-883-5251


AustrailiaNew Zealand

Australia & New Zealand:

Phone:Australia 1-800-679-932
Phone: New Zealand 0800-344-557

Email: in Australia or in New Zealand

Please describe in detail what your question is and we will try to answer your question as quickly as possible.
Veterinary Nutritional FAQ: VNA FAQs

Everything from company and product information to purchashing help and storage tips - it's all conveniently located in our list of Frequently Asked Questions, one of the more popular pages of Hill' Your'e likely to find the answers you need there, but please feel free to contact us if you still need help. We're here to assist you.

Please contact Hill’s Veterinary Consultation Services with any additional questions.