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Veterinary Nutritional Advocate Sponsor

Everyone likes a little recognition and that’s why the Hill's VNA Learning Experience gives you the opportunity to have a "Sponsor", someone to encourage involvement and completion. Your Sponsor serves an important role both as coach and cheerleader, helping you not only see the relevance of proper pet nutrition and practice productivity, but to facilitate the utilization use these enhanced skills.

Ways someone can become a "Sponsor":

I'd like to be a Sponsor. Become a Sponsor for an individual or group.
For example: A course coordinator at a veterinary technician school, or a practice owner/management personnel would like students/health care team members to go through the VNA. This initiating Sponsor would register themselves, then be able to designate people (by providing names and email addresses) to be sent an email notice, encouraging their participation. In this way, the Sponsor can view the students progress by clicking on the email address of the student which is available as a link on the Sponsor's 'My Status Page'.

I'd like to designate a Sponsor. Individual participant designates a Sponsor for the duration of the VNA Learning Experience. For example: A veterinary health care team member wants to participate in the VNA. This person registers, and as part of that process, designates a person (usually within the practice) as their Sponsor. This Sponsor can view the progress on the 'My Status Page'. In each instance, a Sponsor's responsibility is to encourage the VNA participant to work through the information presented, allow the learnings to be applied for the benefit of all involved, AND to celebrate accomplishments.